Remote Video Response

The Remote Video Response (RVR) service is a powerful tool that allows our monitoring center operators to remotely connect to your surveillance system and provide an informed and cost-effective response based on their observations. This service allows for real-time visual verification of events, which enables our operators to respond to incidents more quickly and efficiently.

One of the key benefits of RVR is that it improves the situational awareness of our operators. This ensures that the most appropriate response is initiated based on the specific circumstances of the incident. For example, if a crime is in progress, our operators can immediately contact the police, which can be crucial in preventing further damage or loss. Additionally, RVR eliminates the need for unnecessary patrol responses due to nuisance alarms, which can save you money in the long run.

Another benefit of RVR is that it helps provide greater safety for employees in the workplace. By providing real-time monitoring of your facilities, RVR can detect and respond to potential security threats before they become a major issue. Additionally, RVR can protect businesses when they are left unattended at night, over weekends, and on public holidays. This is especially useful for businesses that operate in high-risk areas or have valuable assets on the premises.

RVR also maximizes the effectiveness of your existing intruder alarm and video surveillance systems. By providing real-time monitoring and response capabilities, RVR can help identify and respond to potential security threats that may have gone unnoticed with traditional alarm systems.

The RVR service includes a number of different features, such as Intruder Alarm Verification, Remote Video Escort, and Remote Video Patrol. With Intruder Alarm Verification, alarms will be responded to by initiating a connection to your premises’ video system. Our operators will view live video and based on what they observe, will make an informed decision on further actions. For example, if a crime is in progress is observed, the Police can be contacted immediately.

With Remote Video Escort, our monitoring center operators will connect to the premises video system when requested by a customer to remotely supervise specific high-risk activities such as lone workers entering or leaving the premises, deliveries of cash or valuable goods. This feature can provide added security and peace of mind for employees or customers who may be working or visiting the premises alone.

Finally, Remote Video Patrol allows our monitoring operators to connect to the premises video system at routine scheduled times and view the live video from each camera to identify if there is any irregular activity onsite. This is a cost-effective alternative or addition to guard-based manpower and can help businesses to maintain a high level of security without incurring excessive costs.

In conclusion, the Remote Video Response service offers a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for real-time monitoring and response of security incidents. It can help to improve safety, reduce costs, and maximize the effectiveness of existing security systems.